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14 Jul, 2017

Float Right Add-On for Social Warfare Wordpress plugin

I recently had the fortune of getting to know the Social Warfare plugin for a Wordpress project I am working on. The free version of this plugin does a lot of good things, but I was really impressed by the features offered once you buy a license. There was only one prob… Read more

13 May, 2015

12 Days In Ireland

Get ready! In September 2015 I'm heading on a tour of Ireland that has it all: breath taking scenery, ancient sites (including castles!) and cities bursting with culture. Over two weeks I'll be experiencing the very best of what Ireland has to offer, from coast … Read more

25 Jan, 2015

Breaking Loan Repayments Into Principal and Interest Components

This topic caught my interest during a lecture for a finance module I took at university, and so I wanted to make a little post about it. We start with a fact: borrowing money isn't free. We all understand that when borrowing money, in addition to repaying the prin… Read more