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13 May, 2015

12 Days In Ireland

Get ready! In September 2015 I'm heading on a tour of Ireland that has it all: breath taking scenery, ancient sites (including castles!) and cities bursting with culture. Over two weeks I'll be experiencing the very best of what Ireland has to offer, from coast … Read more

25 Jan, 2015

Breaking Loan Repayments Into Principal and Interest Components

This topic caught my interest during a lecture for a finance module I took at university, and so I wanted to make a little post about it. We start with a fact: borrowing money isn't free. We all understand that when borrowing money, in addition to repaying the prin… Read more

04 Oct, 2014

Server Side Google Analytics Using Measurement Protocol

You may have seen my post recently about my Bing Image Grabber REST API service, a simple script I wrote to get the latest featured images from Bing's homepage. I wanted to record how the service was being used but since the service sends the image back directly (as… Read more