I recently had the fortune of getting to know the Social Warfare plugin for a Wordpress project I am working on. The free version of this plugin does a lot of good things, but I was really impressed by the features offered once you buy a license. There was only one problem with the feature set that didn't match my client's needs: for some reason the floating share buttons can only be floated on the left of the screen in the current version (v2.2.10). Some of the code in the plugin would suggest floating on the right is something the Warfare team will be releasing in a future update, but I really needed the float-on-the-right feature now because of the design of my client's site.

Consequetly, I'm happy to announce I've created a Wordpress plugin that works as an add-on for Social Warfare v2.2.10 and adds the ability to float the share buttons on the right of the screen!

My Wordpress plugin 'Social Warfare Float Right Add-on' isn't strictly an add-on because it does replace the script.min.js file that is used by Social Warfare rather than build on top of it, and this means that updating Social Warfare with this plugin activated will likely break things. Unfortunately this was a neccesity in order to add-in the functionality. Only a few lines are changed from the original script.min.js and the original is replaced upon deativation of the add-on. Therefore if you do want to upgrade Social Warfare after activating this plugin, please remember to deactivate this plugin first. And then do not reactivate it until I release a suitable update to the add-on if one is still necessary.

  Download ZIP

If you'd like to have this functionality too you can click on the download link above to get the zip file. Simply extract the folder to your Wordpress plugins directory (or upload inside your Wordpress dashboard), activate the plugin, and you're good to go! To get the floating buttons on the right, go to 'Social Warfare settings > Styles > Floating Share Buttons > Float Position' and choose "On the right side of the page".

If you like this little fix, do let me know in the comments below - thanks!