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14 Jul, 2017

Float Right Add-On for Social Warfare Wordpress plugin

I recently had the fortune of getting to know the Social Warfare plugin for a Wordpress project I am working on. The free version of this plugin does a lot of good things, but I was really impressed by the features offered once you buy a license. There was only one prob… Read more

04 Oct, 2014

Server Side Google Analytics Using Measurement Protocol

You may have seen my post recently about my Bing Image Grabber REST API service, a simple script I wrote to get the latest featured images from Bing's homepage. I wanted to record how the service was being used but since the service sends the image back directly (as… Read more

21 Sep, 2014

Why swapping from Gmail to Outlook will be the best thing you do this year

Though first announced in 2004, Gmail was released to the general public on 7th February 2007 and came out of beta 2 years and 4 months later. For years Gmail has been a breath of fresh air to online email. It was one of the most simple and straightforward email account… Read more

07 Sep, 2014

How To Authenticate A User To Access Google APIs

Intro Google APIs use the OAuth 2.0 protocol for authentication and authorization of accounts, required if you want to access Google products via their APIs. Although it may seem daunting and confusing at first, OAuth 2.0 is actually a relatively simple protocol. I wil… Read more

06 Sep, 2014

Bing Image Grabber

Bing was unveiled by Microsoft on 28 May 2009 (for release on 1 June), and every single day since 25 May 2009 it has included a different stunning image on its homepage. I wanted to harness the power of these images myself but there was no clear API to get today… Read more